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ARM PROGRAMMING In today’s era ARM is the industry’s standard 16/32-bit embedded RISC microprocessor. This course on …



    In today’s era ARM is the industry’s standard 16/32-bit embedded RISC microprocessor. This course on 32 bit ARM Programming covers in-depth learning of ARM processors, its architecture, Programming for both ARM7 and ARM9 families. Also included are Introduction to GNU tool chain, ARM programming model, Exception handling, Introduction to thumb instruction set, ARM THUMB procedure call standards (ATPCS), ARM optimization techniques, Building RTOS image and porting. The 32-bit ARM Programming tutorial caters a target audience having a firm understanding of any 8 or 16 bit Microprocessor or Microcontroller Architecture.

    Introduction to ARM

    Comparison between 8/16/32 bit microcontrollers,Design Approaches, CISC, RISC, ARM’s approach towards RISC

    ARM Processor architecture

    Block Diagram,Introduction to ARM 7 / ARM 9 and ARM extensions.

    ARM Programming Model

    Instruction set, Assembly language programming.

    Exception handling

    Exception types in ARM, External interrupt, software interrupts handling, Abort handling

    ARM Procedure call standards (APCS)

    Data types and alignment, Endian-ness and Byte ordering, Parameter passing,Procedure calls and return, Mixed C and assembly language programming

    Introduction to Embedded C

    Data types and alignment. Endian-ness and Byte ordering, Parameter passing,Procedure calls and returns., Mixed C and Assembly language programming.

    Embedded device programming in C.

    Exception handling in C,Exception types with reference to ARM architecture, Timer Interrupt, C language optimization techniques,Identifying performance issues,Identifying the bottleneck in the software/firmware, Writing efficient C for embedded systems, Development environment, Debuggers, Make files, Linker script files, Map files, Binutils,Assembly language instructions execution,

    Embedded C programming

    Calling the assembly functions from C and vice versa.
    Memory mapped I/O, GPIO, LED, ADC Programming
    Vector Interrupt controller.

    Exception handling: Timer interrupt
    Optimization techniques

    Using Switch cases, Loop unrolling, choosing among the different loops.
    Dealing with data alignments issue, Cache considerations (Using cache for optimal use, and avoiding it in Memory mapped).
    Pipeline considerations (avoiding stalls by rearranging the code).
    Consideration for executing from ROM/RAM.

    M C program address space memory model

    Start up program, C language programming

    Introduction to thumb instruction set

    Introduction to ARM thumb, Thumb programmers model, ARM / Thumb inter working

    ARM optimizing techniques

    ARM assembly programming performance issues, Writing efficient C programs for ARM

    External Peripheral interface programming

    LED Interface, LCD Display, Seven Segment Display,Keypad Interface

    Peripheral Programming

    Timer,VIC Interrupt,UART programming (polling/interrupt),ADC & DAC Interface

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