Embedded Programming-Microcontroller 8051

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Microcontrollers 8051

The 8051 Micro controller is one of the most popular general purpose micro controllers especially designed for embedded systems. The first version of this single chip micro controller came in 1980s, and since then it is being used for embedded systems especially in robotics. It a small chip based on an architecture with support for embedded applications, such as measuring device, security systems, robotics, remoter control applications, scroll message display, etc. Our 8051 Micro controller training course has been designed to understand the complexity involved in designing of embedded systems.


    Introduction to Microcontrollers
    What are microcontrollers and what are they used for?
    What is what in the microcontroller?
    8051 Microcontroller Architecture
    What is 8051 Standard?
    8051 Microcontroller’s pins
    Input/Output Ports (I/O Ports)
    8051 Microcontroller Memory Organisation
    SFRs (Special Function Registers)
    Counters and Timers
    UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter)
    8051 Microcontroller Interrupts
    8051 Microcontroller Power Consumption Control
    The 8051 Instruction Set
    Types of instructions
    Description of the 8051 instructions
    AT89S8253 Microcontroller
    AT89S8253 Microcontroller ID
    Pin Description
    AT89S8253 Microcontroller Memory Organisation
    SFRs (Special Function Registers)
    Watchdog Timer (WDT)
    Counters and Timers
    UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter)
    SPI System (Serial Peripheral Interface)
    Power Consumption Control
    Assembly Language
    Elements of Assembly Language
    How to Program For 8051 Microcontroller
    C programming for 8051 using KEIL IDE
    From the C program to the machine language
    Variables and constants
    Mathematical & logic operations
    Conditions and loops
    Organization of a C program
    Using the KEIL environment
    Basic interfacing of the microcontroller
    Additional components
    Development systems
    At the end – from the beginning…
    8051A Development system

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