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Ethical Hacking

This course leads to certification CEH


    Ethical Hacking ver 9


    Duration: 5 days (9:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m)


    Course Description:

    This course is useful for Security Professionals and Project Managers and also prepares you for EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker exam .

    Who Should Attend

    This course will significantly benefit security officers,project managers, auditors, security professionals, site administrators, and any freshers who has reasonable knowledge in Networking LAN or WAN.


    This Course is useful for Security Professionals and The Certified Ethical Hacker exam 312-50 may be an advantage for them. Students need to pass ECCouncil exam to receive CEH certification at our Pearson VUE Exam Centre.


    Course Modules:-

    Module 01 Introduction to Ethical Hacking

    Information Security Overview Information Security Threats and Attack Vectors Hacking Concepts, Types, and Phases Ethical Hacking Concepts and Scope Information Security Controls Information Security Laws and Standards

    Module 02 Foot-printing and Reconnaissance

    Footprinting Concepts Footprinting Methodology Footprinting Tools Footprinting Countermeasures  Footprinting Penetration Testing

    Module 03 Scanning Networks

    Overview of Network Scanning  Scanning Methodologies

    Module 04 Enumeration

    Enumeration Concepts  NetBIOS Enumeration  SNMP Enumeration  LDAP Enumeration  NTP Enumeration  SMTP Enumeration  Enumeration Countermeasures  SMB Enumeration Countermeasures  Enumeration   Pen Testing

    Module 05 System Hacking

    System Hacking: Goals  CEH Hacking Methodology (CHM)  CEH System Hacking Steps  Hiding Files  Covering Tracks  Penetration Testing

    Module 06 Malware Threats

    Introduction to Malware  Trojan Concepts  Types of Trojans  Virus and Worms Concepts  Malware   Reverse Engineering  Malware Detection  Countermeasures  Anti-Malware Software  Penetration Testing

    Module 07 Sniffing

    Sniffing Concepts  MAC Attacks  DHCP Attacks  ARP   Poisoning  Spoofing Attack  DNS Poisoning  Sniffing Tools  Counter measures  Sniffing Detection Techniques  Sniffing Pen Testing

    Module 08 Social Engineering

    Social Engineering Concepts Social Engineering Techniques  Impersonation on Social Networking Sites  Identity Theft  Social Engineering Countermeasures  Penetration Testing

    Module 09 Denial-of-Service

    DoS/DDoS Concepts  DoS/DDoS Attack Techniques  Botnets  DoS/DDoS Attack Tools  Counter-measures  DoS/DDoS Protection Tools  DoS/DDoS Attack Penetration Testing.

    Module 10 Session Hijacking

    Session Hijacking Concepts   Application Level Session Hijacking  Network-level Session Hijacking  Session Hijacking Tools  Counter-measures  Session Hijacking Pen Testing

    Module 11 Hacking Webservers

    Webserver Concepts  Webserver Attacks  Attack Methodology  Webserver Attack Tools  Counter-measures  Patch Management  Webserver  Security Tools  Webserver  Pen Testing

    Module 12 Hacking Web Applications

    Web App Concepts  Web App Threats  Web App Hacking Methodology  Web Application Hacking Tools  Countermeasures  Security Tools  Web App Pen Testing

    Module 13 SQL Injection

    SQL Injection Concepts  Types of SQL Injection  SQL Injection Methodology  SQL Injection Tools  Evasion Techniques  Counter-measures

    Module 14 Hacking Wireless Networks

    Wireless Concepts  Wireless Encryption  Wireless Threats  Wireless Hacking Methodology  Wireless Hacking Tools  Bluetooth Hacking  Counter-measures  Wireless Security Tools  Wi-Fi Pen Testing

    Module 15 Hacking Mobile Platforms

    Mobile Platform Attack Vectors  Hacking Android OS  Hacking iOS  Hacking Windows Phone OS  Hacking BlackBerry  Mobile Device Management (MDM)  Mobile Security Guidelines and Tools  Mobile Pen Testing

    Module 16 Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots

    IDS, Firewall and Honeypot Concepts  IDS, Firewall and Honeypot System  Evading IDS  Evading Firewalls  IDS/Firewall Evading Tools  Detecting Honeypots  IDS/Firewall Evasion Counter-measures Penetration Testing

    Module 17 Cloud Computing

    Introduction to Cloud Computing  Cloud Computing Threats  Cloud Computing Attacks  Cloud Security  Cloud Security Tools  Cloud Penetration Testing

    Module 18 Cryptography

    Cryptography Concepts  Encryption Algorithms  Cryptography Tools  Public Key Infrastructure(PKI)  Email Encryption  Disk Encryption  Cryptography Attacks  Cryptanalysis Tools



    Our Faculty has over 8 Years Experience and extensive knowledge in Networking and Security.


    The Classes will be scheduled as per your requirement only.


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    Ms. Angel / Ms. Shamna

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    Land phone: 91-484-4049001 / 03
    Email id: mailto:enquiry@logicindia.net
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