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MCA, BTech, BCA Projects

MCA, BTech, BCA Projects We are the pioneers in College and Academic Projects for MCA Btech BCA Msc Courses . …


    MCA, BTech, BCA Projects

    We are the pioneers in College and Academic Projects for MCA Btech BCA Msc Courses . Our Project Guidance is on ASP.Net,PHP,Java,JEE,Android,Embedded Projects and advanced subjects like Sharepoint,Azure,WCF, WordPress,etc. Students are prepared on Project Development,Presentation,selection of Project topics,Synopsis,Titles,Project Report and Abstract.

    Criteria for the Academic Project Selection
    When a Student has to take up the Academic Project as part of their Professional course in BTech, MCA, MSc or BCA , they may have two options. First option is to buy a ready made project from any company and the second is to go for Real Project Experience. In the first option, the student will be ending up their career by buying the project from any agency and they will not get any exposure to the complexity involved in a project. As a result, they will not be able to perform well in viva during submission and will end up getting low marks. Moreover when they go for an interview with
    a good company, it will be based absolutely on the project done. Students opting for ready made projects are not capable of answering the questions of the interviewer . Ultimately these students will fail… In case the student selects the second option and decides to go for real project development, he/she gets a chance to be familiar with the various stages of Software Development Life Cycle such assystem analysis, system design, database design, coding, debugging, testing, implementation of the project and finally documentation. This experience is very much needed in a real environment.

    When a student learns the technology and gets hands on project experience he/she is well equipped to crack the Interview Questions and Machine Tests/ Demo Projects in the technical rounds of a Job Interview. A little extra effort taken for your academic project will give you an edge over your fellow students in interviews and land you in a company with higher Salary compared to your peers. Now you choose your destiny !!!!

    We at Logic India provide you the best quality training in latest technologies like ASP.Net, C#.Net, WCF, WPF, PHP, Java, JEE, Sharepoint, Android, etc with real experience in projects. Our old students are well placed in best companies in India and abroad . We do not encourage ready-made projects.

    MCA Projects Categories
    * Multiserver Platform/Distributed multitier projects
    * Security Gateways using WCF
    * Design Customisation using WPF
    * DMevice Integrated Projects
    * N-Tier website designing architecture

    After Completion of your Project with us, You can use our Placement Services to get a Job as Software Engineer. See our Placement and Vacancy link to know more about this.

    Call us for free Project Orientation.

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