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Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012  (Exam 461)    1:   Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Introducing Microsoft …


    Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012  (Exam 461)


     1:   Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server 2012

    • Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2012
    • Getting Started with SQL Server Management Studio

     2: Getting Started with SQL Azure

    • Overview of SQL Azure
    • Working with SQL Azure

    3: Introduction to T-SQL Querying

    • Introducing T-SQL
    • Understanding Sets
    • Understanding Predicate Logic
    • Understanding the Logical Order of Operations in SELECT statements

    4: Writing SELECT Queries

    • Writing Simple SELECT Statements
    • Eliminating Duplicates with DISTINCT
    • Using Column and Table Aliases
    • Writing Simple CASE Expressions

    5: Querying Multiple Tables

    • Understanding Joins
    • Querying with Inner Joins
    • Querying with Outer Joins

    6: Sorting and Filtering Data

    • Sorting Data
    • Filtering Data with a WHERE Clause
    • Filtering with the TOP and OFFSET-FETCH Options
    • Working with Unknown and Missing Values

    7: Working with SQL Server 2012 Data Types

    • Introducing SQL Server 2012 Data Types
    • Working with Character Data
    • Working with Date and Time Data

    8: Using Built-In Functions.

    • Writing Queries with Built-In Functions
    • Using Conversion Functions
    • Using Logical Functions
    • Using Functions to Work with NULL

    9: Grouping and Aggregating Data

    • Using Aggregate Functions
    • Using the GROUP BY Clause
    • Filtering Groups with HAVING

    10: Using Subqueries

    • Writing Self-Contained Subqueries
    • Writing Correlated Subqueries
    • Using the EXISTS Predicate with Subqueries

    11: Using Table Expressions.

    • Using Derived Tables
    • Using Common Table Expressions
    • Using Views
    • Using Inline Table-Valued Functions

    12: Using Set Operators

    • Writing Queries with the UNION Operator
    • Using EXCEPT and INTERSECT
    • Using APPLY

    13: Using Window Ranking, Offset and Aggregate Functions

    • Creating Windows with OVER
    • Exploring Window Functions

    14: Pivoting and Grouping Sets

    • Writing Queries with PIVOT and UNPIVOT
    • Working with Grouping Sets

    15: Querying SQL Server Metadata

    • Querying System Catalog Views and Functions
    • Executing System Stored Procedures
    • Querying Dynamic Management Objects

    16: Executing Stored Procedures

    • Querying Data with Stored Procedures
    • Passing Parameters to Stored Procedures
    • Creating Simple Stored Procedures
    • Working with Dynamic SQL

    17: Programming with T-SQL

    • T-SQL Programming Elements
    • Controlling Program Flow

    18: Implementing Error Handling

    • Using TRY / CATCH Blocks
    • Working with Error Information

    19: Implementing Transactions

    • Transactions and the Database Engine
    • Controlling Transactions

    20: Improving Query Performance

    • Factors in Query Performance
    • Displaying Query Performance Data


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