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70-513: WCF (Windows Communication Foundation Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4) Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture · …


    70-513: WCF (Windows Communication Foundation Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4)

    Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture

    · Introduction to Inter Process Communication

    · Introduction to COM, COM+ and Remoting technologies

    · Definition and Benefits of SOA

    · Scenarios and Standards

    · Interoperability with Other SOA Technologies

    Developing Service Oriented Applications with .Net Remoting

    · Introduction to Remote Process Communication

    · Remotable and Non-Remotable Objects

    · Marshal-by-value and Marshal-by-reference

    · Creating Remote Server and Clients

    Developing and Managing XML Web Services

    · Introduction to SOAP

    · Creating XML Web Services

    · Publishing XML services

    · Consuming XML Web Services

    Introduction to WCF Development

    · Service Contract and Implementation

    · Hosting WCF Services

    · WCF Behaviors

    · Developing and Consuming WCF Services using Channel Factories

    · Developing and Consuming WCF Services using Service References

    WCF Contract Design and Implementation

    · Defining Contract

    · Contract Types

    · Service Contracts

    o Operation Overloading

    o Contract Inheritance

    · Operation Contracts

    · Data Contracts

    · Fault Contracts

    · Message Contracts

    · Messaging Patterns

    · Designing WCF Contracts

    WCF End Points and Behaviors

    · Multiple Endpoints and Interoperability

    · Using WCF Discovery

    · WCF Default Endpoints

    · Using Queued Services

    · Implementing Transactions

    · Using Reliable Messaging

    · Configuring Instancing and Concurrency

    · MSMQ Topology

    Testing and Troubleshooting WCF Services

    · Errors and Symptoms

    · Viewing Unplanned SOAP Faults

    · Using Fault Contracts

    · Handling Faults using Error Handlers

    · WCF Message Logging and Tracing

    · Supporting large Messages

    Hosting WCF Services

    · WCF Service Hosts

    · Hosting WCF Services in Windows Services

    · Hosting in IIS and Windows Server AppFabric

    · Configuring WCF Hosts

    · Service Monitoring

    Implementing WCF Security

    · Introduction to Application Security

    · The WCF Security Model

    · Transport and Message Security

    · Authentication and Authorization

    · Claim-Based Identity

    · Configuring Client

    WCF Advanced Topics

    · Asynchronous Invocation Pattern and Implementation

    · Using Message Inspectors and Behaviors

    · Configuring and Using Routing

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